Keynote Speaker – Author

The stakes are high in choosing the right speaker.

Event planners, conference managers, talent buyers, and executive summit coordinators, you’ve secured the perfect venue and the best chef in town is catering the food. Now it is time to book the ultra-important entertainment element of your gathering—your keynote speaker.


What does an UGG Founder – Brian Smith talk bring to the table?

A sophisticated, aspirational content program demands that speakers connect pertinent topics and customize their messages for your unique attendee. Let Brian Smith step up to the stage and deliver what every event planner wants for their audience—“aha” moments. The UGG story is rich in layers of lessons learned, and “don’t make the mistakes I made” takeaways that rejuvenate the seasoned entrepreneur and jazz up those just getting started.


What’s in it for the audience?

For a successful show, each of your speakers must deliver a memorable gift—a certain something that flips an emotional lever. The talk must make a lasting impact and must connect the attendee to his or her pursuits and provide relevant takeaways that make those pursuits seem nothing but achievable.

Brian Smith Founder of the UGG Australia brand, which has matured into a billion-dollar global icon.

UGG Founder Brian Smith; has become one of the most sought after speakers and business leaders in the country.
His inspirational talks and media appearances on his breakthrough business strategies are widely attended by business people of all ages from a diverse array of market sectors.
Team building, company culture, growth challenges, are all presented through a lens of vast experience, combined with a vision of a spiritual approach towards the future of business today.
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