29 Mar Inspiration for Business Owners

Sometimes our problem isn’t about getting a business started…

Sometimes, we just need a little boost of inspiration to mix things up.

Maybe you’re looking for a different way to market your product, or perhaps you have an innovative idea to tweak and improve what you’re already offering?

Maybe you’re looking to expand your business? Or relocate to a more profitable venue?

Maybe you just want to recapture that invigorating feeling – that absolute, sublime rush – you had when you first opened your doors for business?

Well my friends, look no further.

It’s no shame really, to admit that somewhere down the road, you’ve lost some of your spark; the daily ins-and-outs of running a business can produce some serious mental wear and tear.

And believe it or not, it hit me too, more than once, along my pathway to success.

The key is to remember why you were so passionate in the first place, and to chase that feeling into new, bolder horizons.

I know, I know – this is all easier said than done…but trust me, it can be done.

Whether you draw your inspiration from music, or friends, or even diving headfirst into the vast array of competition, it is important to always be chasing something; never cease to aspire to more.

Don’t ever be content standing still and letting the world get on without you.

One of my favorite parts of motivational speaking is drawing on the energies of my audience and leading them to their own, individual roads to entrepreneurial liberation.

How do I do this?

By emphasizing that inspiration is around every corner – inspiration lays dormant in every song you hear over the radio, every television ad, every colorful billboard. Ideas surround us day in and day out, all we need to do is keep an open mind, and listen.

Think about it.

How does Pepsi always manage to stay on par with Coca-Cola? How does Burger King compete with McDonald’s? How has Ford, Dodge, and GM managed to completely reinvent their entire production line in the past 10 years to compete with Toyota, Honda, and Nissan?

These are huge, international industries that are so often neck-and-neck that they’re generally considered interchangeable.

But this doesn’t happen from staying the course. Each of these industries is constantly striving to be better; constantly adapting to one another with the hopes to outperform the competition.

And this is something you can do as well.

Think of it, if you will, as honing your competitive edge.

There is rarely such a thing as an effortless epiphany, my friends.

Inspiration will not come knocking on your door if you choose to remain dormant.Inspiration comes to those who seek it – to those who aspire to reinventing their passions.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s hone that competitive edge!