29 Mar Leveraging Your Most Precious Assets From Within

A wise man (or woman?) once said…

Fear is inevitable; panic is an option.

Every day we encounter a roller coaster of emotions that range from sheer elation to utter dread – and the same is true for the newcomer business owner and entrepreneur.

If not more so.

It takes courage, faith, and a whole lot of dedication to commit to starting your own enterprise, and with it, comes a seemingly never-ending typhoon of self-doubt, uncertainty, and difficulty.

If you let it…this storm can rip you apart from your very foundations and take with it everything you have strived so hard to build.

But only if you let it.

I wasn’t born wealthy; I wasn’t born rich.

As the founder of the world famous UGG Australia boots, I have indeed suffered many trials and tribulations along the pathway to success.

I have first-hand experience in coping with – and building strength from – utter defeat, record-breaking investment failures, and worst of all, losing confidence in myself as a self-made businessman.

And the good news?

I’ve harnessed every shred, every scrap of my experiences climbing from the pit of despair to the towers of victory in my new book, The Birth of a Brand.

In it, I recount deeply personal memories of the early stages of my UGG Australia brand’s conception, all the through its fussy toddler stage to fruition in its adulthood.

And believe me – what a journey it was! Rife with detailed accounts of my many (and I mean many) failures, humble successes that lent new perspective to old problems, and even some brushes with Lady Luck that kept my entrepreneurial spirit alive!

But don’t get me wrong…

My book, The Birth of a Brand, is not an autobiographical case study! Nor is it a black-and-white, blueprint for you to follow in my exact footsteps.

No. That would be meaningless.

And any one that claims that their personal road to success is the only true, correct path for like-minded newcomers to tread…is full of it!

We are each our own incredible, individual universe of ideas, motivation, and energy – and to prescribe to a single method of success would be disingenuous indeed.

So what do I do differently?

I wrote The Birth of a Brand to help you find the entrepreneurial spirit within yourself in order to persevere the harsh winters that is the current, and fickle, American business market.

I will show you how to harness that raw, amazing potential that lies dormant inside each and every one of you, and turn your greatest fears and doubts into your most practical tools to build your empire.

My journey was not an easy one, believe me, but I hope that with my book at your side – filled with all my experiences and knowledge of building UGG Australia into a world-recognized brand – you will find the inner strength to forge onwards through any adversity.

Don’t be a victim – take charge!