24 Apr Five Hundred Stories – Founder, UGG Boots Interview

“Ignorance is a key element for every entrepreneur; some level of ignorance. Because if you knew all the obstacles ahead, you would never do it.”

“In life you get beat down. In business, you get beat down twice as much!”

 – Brian Smith/UGG Founder

Five Hundred Stories had the privilege of interviewing Brian Smith at the Digital Footprint Conference, where he spoke to a large group of entrepreneurs and influencers. He shared his candid thoughts about his early days starting UGG and provided valuable insights for anyone looking to start their own venture. He lends a philosophical approach to the trials and tribulations plaguing all entrepreneurs. Saying anything is a must-read, is cliché. With that being said, this is a must-read.

Career Highlight:
 Founder of UGG Boots
Title: Founder of a billion dollar company, Author and Speaker