Brian Smith | Speaking
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Few people know that I decided to QUIT the UGG business four times in the seventeen years I spent building it. I share many powerful philosophical truths that kept me “keeping on” to overcome seemingly impossible barriers and apparent defeat.


As Founder of UGG, I learned from the school of hard knocks how to deal with:

FEAR – Dealing with the ever-present reality of uncertainty

LETTING GO – Releasing things you cannot control

LOYALTY – Passionate dedication to customers, employees and the vision

SPIRITUALITY – An understanding of what creates peace and perspective in life

ENJOYING THE PROCESS – The tadpole principle of being in the NOW

RESILIENCE – The ability to get back up after setbacks


This gripping story of ecstatic highs and crushing lows of UGG, show you can dig deep to overcome every obstacle in your path.

I have been speaking from small and large stages for several years and have proven track record of positively affecting audiences.

My keynotes can be tailored to a diverse group of audiences but all are highly inspirational and follow the “stories” of my personal adventures building the iconic brand UGG.


Keynote topics:

 “Boots-on-the-Ground” Life and Business Tips They Don’t Teach in Business School

Goosebumps, Karma and Other Essential Business Principles

Practical Perseverance – Using Fear and Uncertainty to your Advantage.

Managing Chaos – You Can’t Give Birth to Adults.

Finding your “UGG opportunity ( College Entrepreneurial schools)