“The Birth of a Brand” is based upon my journey from conceiving the idea of importing sheepskin boots from Australia, all the way to selling the business as a National brand. The underlying theme is that you can’t give birth to adults. Every business starts with conception, then birth…. the long infancy, then toddling, youth and teenage phases. This concept is powerful, as I have had hundreds of people approach me after my keynote presentations, who tell me that they were about to give up on their dream, but now they identify themselves in one of the early phases. It is a gripping story of the ecstatic highs and crushing lows of UGG, and i show how you can dig deep to overcome every obstacle in your path.


My friends call it a page-turner and I know you will enjoy it. Written with time-worn truisms and business acumen, this amazing story proves that you can stick to your guns, authenticity, and spirituality and still grow a wildly successful career and company.

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