The Elder Statesman of Business.

“I can’t thank you enough for your great performance at the Inc. 5000.  The entrepreneurs of the Inc. 5000 don’t give standing ovations lightly, but you earned yours. No doubt about it.


In the days after you spoke I got a lot of compliments on your presentation. People cited your frankness, your willingness to talk about your failures and difficulties, and your approachability. I agree. The sum total was a truly inspiring performance that entrepreneurs will be talking about for a long time. “


Eric Schurenberg –  President and Editor-in-Chief;  Inc. Media

As the Founder of UGG, the journey has taught me many lessons that are shared in my talks and discussion forums:
Fear – Dealing with the ever-present reality of uncertainty.
Letting Go – Releasing things you cannot control.
Loyalty – Passionate dedication to customers, employees and vision.
Spirituality –  Understanding what creates peace and perspective in life.
Enjoying the Process – The tadpole principle of being in the; Now.
Resilience –  The ability to get back up, when knocked down.