The Birth of a Brand

My book; The Birth of a Brand, is based on the initial idea of importing sheepskin boots from Australia, and the journey that unfolded in building UGG into a global brand and icon.

From it’s early roots in Southern California, the underlying business mantra and theme has been; “you can’t give birth to adults”.  Every business starts with conception, birth, a long infancy, followed by youthful phases, and onto maturity, (hopefully).   Time and again people approach me after my keynote presentations and tell me they were about to give up their dream, but now they identify themselves in one of these early phases, and understand the steps to take to move forward.

As a consummate storyteller; the book recalls the ecstatic highs and crushing lows of the UGG brand and its journey.   It is written from the heart with time-worn truisms and business acumen that aim to prove; you can stick to your business passions with authenticity and spirituality and still grow a wildly successful brand, career, and life.

“You can’t Give Birth to Adults”

– Brian Smith